Granite Plaque | Pet Memorial Stone | Marker also makes a great gift


Beautiful natural granite pet marker plaque for your dog, cat or any pet.

A beautiful natural granite pet headstone that you’ll be proud of and will last decades.
Great outdoors and indoors. Made in USA!

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Name or “Nickname”

i.e. 2007 – 2022

Dog, Cat, Rabbit, etc.


Beautiful granite pet memorial markers as a headstone for your dog, cat or any pet.

The stone is engraved with your pets name and paw prints.

Beautiful granite memorial that you’ll be proud of and will last decades.
Great outdoors and indoors. Made in USA!

Sizing approximately
6″ wide and 4.5″ tall. Thickness is 1.25″ and will stand up unassisted.

I will send you a preview to make sure you like the design and everything is spelled correctly.

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Loving an animal opens the heart to immense joy, and yet, sadness. We know when we first meet them that a “goodbye” inevitably lies before us. When that day comes, Melton Memorials offer our deep condolences. We hope these heartfelt tributes can help provide a sense of peace to those who need it

Melton Memorial started in 2018 with the simple task of creating a pet memorial for a friend who lost their pet. Rodney Melton set out to make something to help his friend process their grief. Rodney decided to open an online store to see if others might find comfort in his product. From there, interest grew. In order to make their memorials something everyone could own, they diversified the products in terms of size and types of materials used. Purchasing better tools and equipment, Melton Memorials was born out of a need to help people find peace. The business is now fully owned and operated by the Melton family.